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Skry is the Limit is an NFT research publication and newsletter created by Skry.

Our goal is to help people make informed decisions about the decentralized assets of tomorrow using data viz and premium research.

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NFTs are Dynamic and Ever-Evolving

Let us help you filter the noise.

NFTs are a dynamic asset class representing just about anything that benefits from improved ownership and provenance. NFTs continue to grow in complexity, covering everything from GameFI, NFTFi, Metaverse, Domains, Identity, Generative Art, and more. We help you break down what’s what so you can spend your time on the highest-impact opportunities.

Our Team

We are a team of blockchain industry veterans who have extensive experience in creating and contributing to many well-known projects. Together we co-founded Radar Relay and have contributed to the ERC721 standard/erc721.org, WETH/weth.io, Magic.link, Spark Swap, tons of open-source packages, and more.

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